Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

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Amateur Radio Nextion Displays

It's 09/01/2022. The AG4OJ.COM is now SECURE. IF you don't have it as secure in your browser, Click Here 
It's 08/23/2022. The AG4OJ TEAM has voted to disband until; the Raspberry Pi shortage gets better, and, Pi-Star is upgraded to the current Raspberry Pi OS. For me, my medical problems are what they are, so I can't continue anything here without help. Mostly everyone uses this web resource, BUT, give nothing back to it. I'll be slowly working on any necessary fixes that I'm made aware of to maintain the projects, keep them current.
The databases stored on this website, those used by the Nextion Drivers are updated at least every other day. This is done by me for my weekly EYE Exercises (Legally Blind) and to keep the 4 wall medical trap from bothering me, doing my best to keep my eyesight from getting any worse than it already is. The eye doctor says, "IF you don't use it, you can loose it!". YES, these database updates are NOT an automated service like most others. As Always, ENJOY!

About These Offerings

As I always tell everyone, I'm Visually Impaired / Legally Blind, these projects are extremely complex, and, I'm not perfect by no means, I even fail myself. IF you think you found a mistake, PLEASE let me know. When WE fix something together, WE fix it for everyone!
42 NDCVerA and 42 NDCverB different versions for the Nextion Display are offered here. I provide for Display Type Nextion Basic, Discovery, Enhanced, or Intelligent. The Sizes are 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0", or 10.1" and the Landscape Orientation for the Display Wires To The Left or To The Right.
These Nextion Display Code files were/are designed by/for the visually impaired (like myself) and the blind with display readers. IF your looking for a flashy trickery type of screens, then these are NOT for you. These Nextion Display Screens are meant to display stable information for a period of time for special readers to read them.
There is no charge for using this website. There is no Website ads. There is no links asking for money. There is no links asking for your help. AND, I don't require anyone to kneel before me and kiss my ring. The "Keys To The Nextion Kingdoms" is below. Everything here is a work in progress, this when my disabilities cooperate with my abilities.
Please take the time to ENJOY the FRUITS of my HOBBIES, Amateur Radio.

New Release Version, September 1st, 2022 - v220901


Expanded Notes On Installing The Nextion Display Drivers

 Expanded Notes On Installing The Nextion Display Drivers
 Expanded Notes On Installing The Nextion Display Drivers Link. HELLO! Want to play?! This Webpage gives you all of the tools to transform your Nextion experience. Install the EDDC, and, if you don't like it, there are instructions to restore it back to the NDDC. ENJOY!

Nextion Display Code Files Version A (NDC VerA/NDDC)

 The Nextion Display Code Version A
 The Nextion Display Code Version A Link. This section of the website is for Nextion Display support of the ON7LDS Nextion Display Driver, My Nextion Display Code files. These Nextion Display Files work without the Nextion Display Driver being installed, they work with all of the MMDVMHost sent Nextion Display Messages.

Nextion Display Code Files Version B (NDC VerB/EDDC)

 The Nextion Display Code Version B
 The Nextion Display Code Version B Link. This section of the website is for Nextion Display support of the AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver, My Nextion Display Code files. These Nextion Display Files work without the Enhanced Display Driver being installed, they work with all of the MMDVMHost sent Nextion Display Messages.

EDDC Executable Release Notes

 The EDDC Release Notes
 The EDDC Release Notes Link. These Release Notes are for those who are writing their own Nextion Display Code and are looking to use the extra functionality of this EDDC. This version supplied here will compile and has been tested to work as documented within these Release Notes. ENJOY!

The Extra Thrills And Frills


Hotspot, Raspberry Pi, MMDVMHost, and Pi-Star Guides

 Instructional Guides
 Instructional Guides Link. This link will take you to the Instructional Guides. As I have added enhanced features and setups to My own HotSpots / Repeaters, those additions I share as step-by-step instructional Guides for you to do the same. AND, Also, how to build Your own HotSpot instructional Guides!

Amateur Radio Databases

 Amateur Radio Databases
 Amateur Radio Databases Link. These are used here in conjunction with the Nextion Display Code I offer. These databases are updated often to keep them current. The Display Code Drivers represented here use some of these databases. Others are for DMR Radio Code Plugs, to display user information.

Feedback Here Is Important

 AG4OJ's E-Mail Account
 My Email Link Is To The Left. So, if you see, or even think you see a mistake somewhere on this Website, PLEASE send Me a short Email with all of the details so I can correct it. Every effort is made to keep all kinds of errors out of this Website, YET, My ongoing disabilities will show My mistakes.

The History Behind These Screens

Keep It Simple Screens for Nextion Displays, or KISS/ND, was born out of necessity. My eyesight is not good, I'm legally blind. Trying to watch the screen on the handheld for contact info was not good and the screens that came on my HRO hotspots, 2.4", wasn't built for poor eyesight either.
When I asked around about it, I was told that if I didn't like it, Program One Yourself! Well, though this was said to me in a sarcastic way, thus meaning I guess that I wasn't up to the challenge. So, instead of sounding like I was complaining, I decided to program my own screens for my hotspot that I could see better. And so, the AG4OJ Nextion Display Screens were born.
When another Amateur Radio Operator heard that I was making my own screens, they wanted to try them. This is turn gave birth to creating even more types, sizes, and orientations. This then spread word of mouth and suddenly I needed a place to host them, this Website was born. I then gave in to requests for more Nextion Basic versions, and this grew even more.
This Website has become a looking place not just for visually impaired screens, it has become a place to look for all screen types, sizes, and landscape orientations for Amateur Radio Hotspots / Repeaters. So, over the August / September 2019 time frame, a version was put together for every display type, size, and landscape orientation.
In mid 2020, legal challenges came to roost. Though these were not warranted, the individuals involved soon learned what it means to really be sued. I guess they didn't think I had the resources to respond to such. This is why these Nextion Display Code files were off-line for 6 months. Late December 2020, with requests coming in for updates, these files returned as a public offering.
In January 2021, a group of AROs asked me if I would take on making the Nextion Driver go to the next level. I took a look at it and this started my beginning steps into programming in C. The first step was to have a working Screen Saver. It has grown from there, and, with the ever maturing Nextion Display Code, Well, all can say is, like I always do, ENJOY!

All About Me, OH NO! Say It Isn't SO!

 Bill - AG4OJ
I've been A Professional Audio, Video, Broadcast, And Computer Engineer for over 40 years. The ending Title on my name, PE, Professional Engineer, a title earned through years of hard work, not pedigreed or bestowed upon, A Badge Of Real Honor, The ONLY True Battle Of Professional Engineering. My History & Knowledge Includes Extensive Forensic, Restoration, & Broadcast Disciplines. I don't know it all, NEVER WILL! I know how to defer to those who know more than me.
I served my Country in the Military, The United States Air Force. I'm a Severely Disabled Veteran from that service. My MSCDs and PTSDs are what they are. (OCT1984) VA medical malpractice just added to it. (AUG2015) I've continued to served my Country in ways most never would. Once a Federal Employee, always a Federal Employee, that rabbit hole is deep and ever so demanding.
I've held Amateur Radio Licenses since 1977, my callsigns which have been WB3KRL, KC4IXV, KO4VJ, KF3CB, and now finally, AG4OJ. All Callsigns have been assigned by the FCC, NO Paid Vanity Callsigns. I give back as I can, like this website for example.
My Final Notes about myself; As God takes care of me, my daily needs, and some of my wants, I do, as I can, freely provide this website. Creating this Website, the files, the documentation, has kept me busy around my remaining abilities and keeps my mind off my Military / VA caused disabilities, which can be overwhelming even on the best of days.

Some Nicely Expanded Quotes, ENJOY!

Its the Flowers we love to enjoy (The Praises When Everything Appears To Work Right), yet, it's the thorns that makes us have to address the bleeding! (When We Find Our Broken, Bad Code) Are You Learning From My Lead!?
Leading the way into insanity and confirmed ultimate madness only requires one to do the same thing over and over again, always expecting different results. There is NO gerbil on the hamster wheel here, running for dear life, and getting nowhere fast! We're doing different things, getting better results, and going there very fast! Did you just FEEL my wind!?
When the DEVIL is in the details, even GOD has to be proud! It's the synergy of the catch, the added mysterious hidden elements, the yin and the yang that's so surprising when exposed to light in the end! Thus seeing that even God can't deny that GOD is the creator of all things! Will You Rise Above All Things With Me!?
Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer. That is until you have learned all you can from them. Until that time, to be on one's own toes and alert to one's surroundings as these malicious people are always present. As they try to wreak havoc in one's life, one, being well prepared, is then always three steps ahead of them. Into Dodging Bullets Are We!?
Karma is the drink best left for your enemies to indulge in. It's when a multitude of evil things done by them is what filled the drink up in the first place. WAIT! Tell me again why you say you must be the one to drink that drink!?
Reasoning with those who display IGNORANCE and arguing with those who display FOOLISHNESS is a waste of time. WISDOM is not With them. Hate, Drama, and Discontent always spews from them, just like the perfectly defined NARCISSIST incarnate. Are they really playing on that kind of slippery slope? Do We need to apply some extra grease?
Long Winded Technical Infatuations and Lengthy Embellishments always leads to showing just how smart ONE really can be. NO, no, Please, continue with that meaningless extended and exaggerated dissertation. Is ONE even beginning to wonder, while overloading ONE's own mouth, what We are thinking? Has ONE's eyes turned brown yet? OH! EW! It's coming out ONE's ears!

Some Of My Older Quotes, ENJOY!

FAKE are the people in your life that have abandoned you when you are different, beaten down, broke, sick, accidentally said the wrong thing, or have nothing else to offer them but your love. RARE are the people in your life who are willing to share even the slightest moment out of their time to show you that your love is all that ever mattered to them! REAL are those who seek you out knowing that to spend time sharing that very special kind of love with you overcomes everything else!
You know, there is something mighty beautiful about the human spirit and the continued ability to forgive all of those who persecute you, day in, day out, of every given day without fail.... To return LOVE to them is hard, To just AGREE with them is fake, And To return HATE to them is easy! I choose to return undeniable, flawless, agape LOVE to them!
SELFISH people see the world as the space around them, the things they can put around them, what they can do for themselves, and only look for their personal gain. SELFLESS people see the world as the space around everyone, the things they can help put around everyone, what they can help do for everyone, and helps look for everyone's personal gain. This as SELFLESS people gain exceedingly more than any SELFISH person ever could just by how they chose to see the world!
Violence Begets Violence, Hate Begets Hate, Evil Begets Evil! Only A House Divided Will Fall! For Violence Return Calmness, For Hate Return Love, For Evil Return Good! When Will We Begin To Increase The Light In Our Lives Instead Of Diving Deeper Into Sharing The Deep Darkness! Shine Your Light! Make The Evil House Fall!
It takes only a bad few to make things look bad for the rest of US! Remember just a few things about these bad few, Who they are, What they are, When they chose to do what they did, Where they chose to do what they did, and Why they chose to do what they did. This should help everyone see that these bad few share nothing in common with any of US! They'll Never Be able To Re-Define US! Our Resolve Will Always Rise Above THEM!
I pray for those who tread against me and what I do. They walk not in the light, and yet, the light exposes them to me. I forgive them for what they do against me, my life's troubles, and these projects. They are forgiven by me. GOD doesn't present us with too much trouble that we can't handle. Though even JOB was tested extensively, in the end he was again blessed. I hope these that do what they do find the light and get forgiven by GOD before it's too late. AMEN!
signed AG4OJ / Professional Engineer, Part-time Philosopher? Really? Yeah, Right! Staying in my lane! HA!
As Always, ENJOY! It's A hobby, NOT A JOB! HA!
AND, Make Sure You Always PAY IT FORWARD!

Why I'm The Way I Am To This Day

 All About Me
 All About Me Link. This link will take you a Webpage all about me. I provide this not to seek pity, sympathy, or attention. I do it to show that with all my US Government, Military (USAF), and VA caused medical problems, I still try to do something with my life. I have never given up on living my life to the fullest.