Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

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All About Me, OH NO!

 AG4OJ - W. R. Pelfrey
I've been A Professional Audio, Video, Broadcast, And Computer Engineer for over 40 years. The ending Title on my name, PE, Professional Engineer, a title earned through years of hard work, not pedigreed or bestowed upon, A Badge Of Real Honor, The True Battle Of Engineering. My History & Knowledge Includes Extensive Forensic, Restoration, & Broadcast Disciplines.
I served my Country in the Military, The United States Air Force. I'm a Severely Disabled Veteran, my disabilities are what they are. I've held Amateur Radio Licenses since 1977, my callsigns which have been WB3KRL, KC4IXV, KO4VJ, KF3CB, and now finally, AG4OJ. All Callsigns have been assigned by the FCC, NO Vanity Callsigns. I give back as I can.
... "It's the Flowers we love to enjoy (The Praises), yet, it's the thorns that makes us have to address the bleeding (broken, bad code)" ...signed AG4OJ / Professional Engineer, Part-time Philosopher? Really? Yeah, Right! Staying in my lane! HA! ENJOY!

07/05/20 This Website Is Mothballed

I've been attacked every way possible. This website over my Nextion Display Code. My person (Not worthy of explaining, it's a past thing). The CSV database contents by the EU. And now I receive an Email "Package" of files, code and talking points about the future of the Nextion Display with Pi-Star. I'll say that until the all of the dust settles, everything here will be mothballed.
I'm really tired of the drama. It would be one thing if I were getting paid for this, yet, I'm not. The comments made in this latest Email Package tells me a lot about the upcoming situation surrounding the Nextion Display and Pi-Star. Since I have my medical disabilities, I can't see coding anything any further without solid info on how things will be sent in the future.

Amateur Radio Nextion Display Code


Current Nextion Display Code Version: 200525

 © iTead Nextion Displays - My Code Supports: Genuine Nextion Basic, Enhanced, and Intelligent Displays. All 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0", and 10.1" sizes coded. Two landscape versions are also provided. This makes 32 versions of code available for all Genuine © iTead Nextion Displays. This code is BETA tested inhouse with Genuine © iTead Nextion Displays.
I provide these so you can get your HotSpot up and running quickly. By no means do you have to use my Nextion Display screen code. Remember this one point, I'm legally Blind. These screens help me see what is going on. They are by no means meant for everyone, I'm just glad that I can share what I use with everyone.
Enter My Nextion Display Code Area: CLICK HERE 
Email Me At: ag4oj [at] arrl [dot] net