EDDC-YSF Release Notes

EDDC-YSF Release Notes

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The Enhanced Display Driver Code

 The Enhanced Display Driver Code
 Return To The Enhanced Display Driver Code Page.  This link will take you back to the Enhanced Display Driver Code Webpage. The Enhanced Display Driver Code page gives all the directions to installing and running this Enhanced Display Driver Code. It also gives directions to updating the supporting database files.

EDDC Release Notes

 The EDDC Release Notes
 The EDDC Release Notes Link. These Release Notes are for those who are writing their own Nextion Display Code and are looking to use the extra functionality of this EDDC. This version supplied here will compile and has been tested to work as documented within these Release Notes. ENJOY!

Explaining The EDDC-YSF Sent Messages

We have moved the list of messages that used to be sent by the orignal NDDC away from the MMDVMHost messages. This is the last of the messages that needed to be moved away. This lists below are for the DMR Screen.
300-399 - Are Defined as EDDC-YSF Screen Sent Messages.

General YSF Messages


User Messages

t320.txt="YSFID" - User YSF ID (New Type Of Message)
t321.txt="CALLSIGN" - User Callsign
t322.txt="FirstName" - User First Name
t323.txt="LastName" - User Last Name
t324.txt="UserCity" - User City
t325.txt="UserState" - User State/Region
t326.txt="UserCountry" - User Country (IF activated by NextMsgFlags 0x0080 Bit)

MMDVMHost Messages Used On The EDDC-YSF Screen

t0.txt="MMDVMHost YSF Network Message"
t1.txt="DG-ID XX"