Nextion Display Code Files Version B - Release Notes

Release Notes For Version B

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Quick Helps

This section is maintained just to show the ongoing history of each revision of the Version B coded files. This could mean that what is written here is the way the screens works. Each revision may make changes to the overall operation of the display code slightly. Keep this in mind when looking for how things work. Email me if you need to resolve some display screen error.
Though this project has become a group effort, as a quick reminder here, I'm not looking for any pity. I'm just reminding you that I'm legally blind. Anything that could go wrong will. Add in my disabilities, and, programming errors can happen. If you see something, anything, just tell me about it. I can usually fix what ever is wrong quickly and repost a fixed file. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!
 Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ  Enhanced Display Driver Code  Nextion Display Code Version B  AG4OJ's E-Mail Account
ATTENTION: ALL images and code are created/written by AROs for AROs. The tft files have embedded copyright notices. Though this is meaningless to most, it is said here to inform those who think something contained in Our files belongs to them in some way. ALL screens display the same things, only difference in them is the size.
NOTE 1: The Nextion Display coded files will mostly work WITHOUT the Enhanced Display Driver Code being installed. It's important that the display is displaying Hotspot data before adding the Enhanced Display Driver Code. ONLY the IDLE and DMR screens, and the "POWER" and "REBOOT" buttons benefit from the Enhanced Display Driver Code being installed, presently.
NOTE 2: More displayable information, as in sent data commands, are sent over a USB to TTL Display connection as compared to the MMDVM modem Nextion display connection. These coded Nextion Display tft files are designed to take advantage of all the extra commands that are sent via a USB type of display connection.
NOTE 3: Using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4B tends to run a bit warmer, usually requiring a fan and or heatsink combination to cool them down. WARNING, the heat build up can burn you. Raspberry Pi 3B requires less power to operate, much better at this time for mobile, remote, or battery operations.
NOTE 4: The added heat build up on the Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, and 4B almost always has nothing to do with adding a Nextion Display and the Enhanced Display Driver Code to your Hotspot. The Nextion Display has it's own microcontroller. The Enhanced Display Driver Code mostly uses some memory and only jumps into action when it captures a MMDVMHost message meant for the Nextion Display.
NOTE 5: Other than adding the Enhanced Display Driver Code to Pi-Star to enhance the IDLE and DMR screens, this screen code DOESN'T require ANY extra Raspberry Pi loaded programs to run successfully and completely. We want you up and running quickly with your newly connected Nextion Display.
NOTE 6: Every effort is made to use every possible feature of the Raspberry Pi SBC, the Raspberry Pi OS, the MMDVM modem, the MMDVMHost, Pi-Star, and the Enhanced Display Driver Code before a coded Display BEHAVIOR is added, changed, or enhanced. This is the "Keep It Simple Stupid" OR "KISS" motto of these Nextion Display Coded files.
 Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ  Enhanced Display Driver Code  Nextion Display Code Version B  AG4OJ's E-Mail Account

Explaining The NDC Version Number

NDC Version Number
|     | ||  |
|     | ||  \-- Nextion Display Orientation - 000, 090, 180, 270
|     | |\----- Nextion Size - 02.4", 02.8", 03.2", 03.5", 04.3", 05.0", 07.0", 10.1"
|     | \------ Nextion Type - "B"asic, "D"iscovery, "E"nhanced, "I"ntelligent
|     \-------- NDC Version Code "A" or "B"
\-------------- Date Code - YYMMDD