MMDVM Connected Nextion Displays

Keep It Simple Screens

Attention: Use Of This Area

This includes all files, images, and documentation located within these webpages. Make sure you have FULLY studied the information presented. This so WHEN something goes wrong, not IF, that YOU are ready to handle your situation on your own.
I am forced by long term medical conditions and disabilities to slow this down to a crawl. YES, this is why you're mostly on your own. DO NOT EVER download any of my files from another website. A Ham did this on 04/29/20, they learned a valuable lesson, the display was temporally bricked. We got that one Display back working again, yet, don't take any chances.
There will never be a charge for what I provide here, it will never be code for a commercially made hotspot only, or will I ever release my source code files. SO PLEASE, get my files directly from this site, ONLY. Use the checksums files that I provide. If any file doesn't pass a checksum test, THEN DON'T USE IT!

The History Behind My Screens

Keep It Simple Screens for Nextion Displays, or KISS/ND, was born out of necessity. My eyesight is not good, I'm legally blind. Trying to watch the screen on the handheld for contact info was not good and the screen that came on my hotspot wasn't built for poor eyesight either. So, instead of complaining, I decided to program my own screens for my hotspot that I could see better.
When another Amateur Radio Operator heard that I was making my own screens, they wanted to try them. This is turn gave birth to creating even more types, sizes, and orientations. This then spread word of mouth and suddenly I needed a place to host them, this webpage was born. I then gave in to requests for Nextion Basic versions, and this grew even more.
This webpage has become a looking place not just for visually impaired screens, it has become a place to look for all screen types, sizes, and landscape orientations for Amateur Radio Hotspots. So, over the August / September 2019 time frame, a version was put together for every display type, size, and landscape orientation.
As God takes care of me, my daily needs, and some of my wants, I do, as I can, freely provide the files on this website below. Creating these files below is a hobby that keeps me busy around my remaining abilities and keeps my mind off my disabilities, which can be overwhelming on the best of days.

My Nextion Display Coded Files

 My Nextion Display Code
 My Nextion Display Code Link. HELLO! Current FULL RELEASE version is 200525, May 25th, 2020. Clicking this link will take you to 32 different code files for Nextion Displays. Types Nextion Basic, Enhanced, and Intelligent, Sizes 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0", and 10.1", Two Landscape Orientations, Display Wires To The Left or Right.
ATTENTION! Please read all of the RELEASE NOTES. They contain all the information needed to operate my Nextion Display Code. There are now special initial setups and button behaviors everywhere. Don't miss out on using any of the special functionality, read all of the notes included on the Release Notes Webpage. These release notes are my “Users Manual” of sorts.

Pi-Star Upgrade Guides

 Pi-Star Upgrade Guides
 Pi-Star Upgrade Guides Link. This link will take you to the Pi-Star Upgrade Guides. As I have added enhanced features to my own HotSpots / Repeaters, those additions I share as step-by-step instructional Guides for you to do the same. Learn how to use the Raspbian OS and make Pi-Star look the way you want it too!

Amateur Radio CSV Databases

 Amateur Radio CSV Databases
 Amateur Radio CSV Databases Link. The public links to Amateur Radio CSV File Databases are back, with an exception. They have been brought into line with the EU's regulations for EU countries, meaning No Full Names, No City Names, and No Regions Names.

The Legalities Of Free Software

Ive done my best to compile and present these files compiled by the latest Nextion GUI version. Even so, the risk of using these files falls solely on those who download them and install them. There could be errors in the code, omissions, may not work completely, and/or work at all. Like I have said, Ive done as best as I can.
Since Im not in control of the downloading and installing of the correct file to the correct display, YOU, the end user accepts the ALL responsibility for anything that could just happen to go wrong when programming/reprogramming YOUR Nextion Display. Though downloading and installing is usually flawless, Murphys Law still applies.
Also, I cant control if the associated driver, Nextion Display Driver, is installed properly. Even though there are a set of installation instructions on the internet, certain settings need to be setup properly before it is installed. Then afterwards, if certain settings are changed, this could cause the display to completely or partially stop working.
I share my coded tft files here with everyone “COPYRIGHT FREE USE ONLY”. This meaning that I reserve all rights, that decompiling, reverse engineering the code is not allowed without infringing on my rights as the code's author. YET, this code has my permission to be installed on ANY Amateur Radio MMDVM Hotspot / Repeater Nextion Display.
This means that it may be installed on a single device or commercially sold in bulk devices without any further permissions from me. AND, this means that the warranty of any device using this code belongs solely between the seller and buyer. I've made no money off creating this code or the sale of any Hotspots / Repeaters.
All of the source files, (modular code, extended libraries, compressed images, build order documents, etc.), will not be shared. So, PLEASE dont ask, Ill ignore any requests for them. Oh, and to those trying to download the HMI files from my website by adjusting the URL addresses, they are NOT stored on this website in anyway or form, so your wasting your time.

Your Warranty

Ok, there is NONE. I do this for something to do to keep me busy and safe within my apartment's 4 walls. If / When you find a bug in my display code, PLEASE, take short video / images of it and send it to me with all the details. This is the ONLY way I can correct the mistake. There are literally tens-of-thousands of lines of code which means I'll need your help to find any mistake.
Just sending me a condescending text message doesn't help me locate the problem for you in this modular code. My ONLY possible implied warranty to you is that I'll do my best to correct the code as soon as possible. NONE of this code will effect the overall operation of YOUR / my hotspots, nor will it damage YOUR / my displays. (Yes, I've got a complete set of my own testing displays and hotspots.)
Changes can happen in Pi-Star, MMDVMHost, and the Nextion Display Driver. They could cause problems to arise in my code files. Since my code is at the slave mercy of what the MMDVMHost and the Nextion Driver puts out over the connected serial port, this means that future releases of my code files will probably need to be patched.
Once again, when you see something odd, PLEASE, take short video / images of it and send it to me with all the details. YOUR help in these kind of matters are deeply appreciated, AND, helps others who are using these same coded tft files. You see, these files are not just about you and me, there are many others using these files. Please help them too!
Email Me At: ag4oj [at] arrl [dot] net