Amateur Radio CSV Databases

Amateur Radio CSV Databases

July 1st, 2020

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 Return To The NDC Home Page, link to the left. It's July 1st, 2020. These main Amateur Radio CSV databases below contain 167,712 known or once assigned numbers. Every effort is made to ensure that all new issues are resolved and then applied accordingly to the downloadable files below.
 AG4OJ's E-Mail Account
 My Email Link Is To The Left. So, if you see, or even think you see a mistake within one of the databases below, PLEASE send me a short Email with all of the details so I can correct it. Every effort is made to keep errors out of the “stripped.csv”, “Anytone 878.csv”, and the “US ONLY.csv” database files below.
These types of errors that we try to avoid here are called Soft-Programming, Soft-Coding Errors. These errors can cause abnormal program responses, behaviors, and can make a DMR Radio function improperly / erratically. I say this only to let you know that I take providing these databases listed below very seriously. They are hand checked before being posted.
These databases have the following characters searched for and removed, anything above ASCII 127, anything below ASCII 32 (Except for the Usual LF), !, ?, /, \, ", ', (, ), and any other special characters that could be misconstrued as code. This had to be done for stability as these text strings are handled by basic database search program code.
The - and the . are added liberally to bring the meaning back to the all of the text field entries missing other special characters. This means that the name O'Toole could end up looking like O-Toole. Saint James or St James may become St.James, as white spaces are also reduced when and where possible.
ATTENTION: The “stripped.csv” and the “Anytone 878.csv” files now have ALL EU Amateur Radio DMR IDs. They have been brought into line with the EU's regulations for EU countries, meaning No Full Names, No City Names, and No Regions Names. DMR ID #, Callsign, First Name, and Country is all that is allowed in a public database such as these below.
ATTENTION: You may not be using my Nextion Display Screen Code, YET, you are using the Nextion Display Driver with your own Nextion Display Code, the “stripped.csv” database below will improve the performance of the Nextion Display Driver's database search algorithms.
 user.csv File
 “User.csv File” - Link Is To The Left. (10,831,345 bytes) A more complete “user.csv” file. It's not necessary to use this file in anyway, it's only a combined resource of issued numbers. I provide this file as the root catalyst for further future database alignment procedures and when other number databases fail.
 stripped.csv File
 “Stripped.csv File” - Link Is To The Left. (10,147,288 bytes) A more complete “stripped.csv” User file, used by the Nextion Display Driver. It's not necessary to use this file with my screen code. I provide this file for those who wish to see less id callsign not in stripped.csv file on my display's user screen info sections.
 Anytone 878.csv File
 “Anytone 878.csv File” - Link Is To The Left. (10,147,288 bytes) A more complete “Anytone 878.csv” User file. I provide this file for those who wish to align their Anytone 878 DMR radio with the stripped.csv file above. This makes the Anytone 878 DMR radio and Hotspot/Repeater display the same user information.
 US.csv File
 “US.csv File” - Link Is To The Left. (5,105,559 bytes) A complete “US ONLY.csv” User file. I provide this file for those who have a radio with limited memory/contacts, this is presently under 77,000 contacts, all of the United States Callsign contacts only.