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Updating Pi-Star And Raspberry Pi OS

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 Pi-Star Upgrade
Now, let's see if Pi-Star can be Upgraded to the next version.
At the prompt, enter ...
sudo pistar-upgrade
... on the keyboard. Press the enter key on the keyboard.
This command tells the OS to execute the command “pistar-upgrade” under “sudo” control. (Super-User-DO) This command upgrades Pi-Star to the next version if one is available. This command serves only to upgrade Pi-Star's programming environment.
It will tell us on the screen if we have increased the version number or not. If it did, then it is usually proper to execute the “sudo pistar-update” command again. Once it is done, we do this command, “sudo pistar-upgrade” again. We keep on going back and forth until there is no more upgrades to be completed. This should bring the Raspberry Pi OS and Pi-Star up to date.
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