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Editing The Locales File

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Editing The Locales File

Hello, And Welcome! Within this Instructional Guide are the images and instructions on how to Edit The Locales File.
As We could just give you a list of things to do, We feel that giving images and text of what you should see and do will be more beneficial. We've reviewed this guide several times to make sure it is as correct as possible.
In this Guide we will be editing the locales File. This is considered controversial. Let's explain why we do this. Since this Raspian Linux OS is specific use, as, we don't have multiple users logging in to use it, AND, we're NOT using it for multiple applications, modifying the locales file for this specific use is usually tolerated by the LINUX PURISTS.
OK, that sounds a bit slanted, yet, We just thought I'd say it before We get hounded on my Emails about telling someone how to edit a Raspian LINUX OS locales template file. These are not usually supposed to be edited, and, if edited, it's supposed to be done to a copy of the file. Thus making a custom locales file selection. We're NOT doing that here.
If you are one that may have such reservations about doing this Guide, We understand, just don't do it. This Guide will show you how to change the format of the system DATE and TIME in the locales file that is edited, and, shows installing it after editing. This is done so that the timestamp output of the MMDVMHost program keeps the same common format.
In the case of en_US, those of us in the US, when en_US locales is selected and installed, the MMDVMHost date and time ouput changes to MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM. The default MMDVMHost ouput, Pi-Star default is DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS (24hr). This Guide will show how to change it back to MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS, with 24hr or AM/PM output for us in the US.
Can things go wrong? Yes they can. It doesn't always mean that you did something wrong, and, doesn't mean that this guide is wrong. Pi-Star, MMDVMHost, and the Nextion Display Driver are based on a platform that is always changing. An upgrade to the Raspian Operating System can make the end result change. Don't sweat it, just reboot and try again.
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