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It's A Sad Time For Amateur Radio

Due to on going online harassment, relentless trolling, and server attacks, my online Ham, Amateur Radio stuff will no longer be easily found or displayed. There are no direct links to access that part of my website. This means that you must Email me with the link below so I can send you the private URL link to my Nextion Display Code Webpages.
 AG4OJ's E-Mail Account
 My Email Link Is To The Left. If you are in need of my Nextion Display Coded files or one of my DMR Databases, You will have to Email me for the link. This area is now private in nature, YET, access to the files are still freely given. The URL Link, links to files, and files MAY NO LONGER be publicly stored, posted, shared, or otherwise linked.
Thank You for YOUR Complete Understanding...
73s, From AG4OJ...